Salient Features
  • Touch screen operation interface with advanced diagnostics and messaging.

  • Parallel infeed and discharged arrangement and compact foot print make efficient use of floor space.

  • Heavy duty & robust construction.

  • Different configuration can be done by just changing the selection switch. (Types of configuration to be done on PLC.)

  • Convenient floor - level access.

  • Pattern utility allows new pattern to be created and stored from the touch screen operation interface terminal (OIT).

  • Devices are all electric or pneumatic (No Hydraulics)

  • Counter weighted elevator table for stable transferred and reduce wear and eliminating stress on the drive motor for longer motor life.

  • The vertical transport is powered by a servo variable frequency motor drive, which eliminate shock to the product by providing a soft start & stop during load transport.

  • Palletizer operates at floor level, it accepts cases from any level.

  • A mechanical row pusher with dual timing belt drive.